Place Ville Marie

is one of the best-known and most prestigious properties in Montreal. A true architectural gem designed by I.M. Pei and Henry N. Cobb, the unique cross-shaped tower is the tallest building of its kind in Canada (188 metres) and occupies a place of distinction along the Montreal skyline.

Exceptional real estate
complex of

3,384,000 ft²

Place Ville Marie is one of the most prestigious real estate complexes in Montreal, comprising five office tower addresses, an upscale shopping centre that has been fashion reference for more than 50 years now, a vast, 900-space indoor parking garage open 24/7, and an Esplanade – the expansive, public outdoor plaza.

Place Ville Marie is the subject of an ambitious revitalization project, the main pillar of the Projet Nouveau Centre, Ivanhoé Cambridge’s investment plan in downtown Montreal, which will make it one of Montreal’s major urban gathering locations. This new environment will be programmed with cultural and experiential activities rivalling those of the great international metropolises, and will offer a renewed commercial offering, putting the user experience at the heart of its approach.

It has evolved and transformed over the years to stay one step ahead of the needs of the businesses that call it home. It is precisely this commitment to constant renewal that makes Place Ville Marie a choice business partner.

We are proud to continue this distinguished tradition with a talented, energetic workforce dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our standing as Montreal’s premiere business address. If you share this bold vision of the future, we look forward to teaming up with you!


Through and through

At Place Ville Marie, we make a special point of integrating sustainable development and environmental protection into our routine operations to provide an impeccable workplace for our tenants. A sound environmental management policy is rigorously enforced, and we are committed to meeting or exceeding all of our legal requirements in this regard. As a result, we have introduced and implemented significant green measures that have earned Place Ville Marie a number of key environmental certifications.

Awards and honours

BOMA BEST PLATINUM Certification Environmental performance program

Building of the Year Award two-time winner

Awarded LEED® in 2014 Silver Certification (Existing Building)

WiredScore in 2018 Gold Certification

Member of Hydro-Québec’s Energy Savers’ Circle Energy efficiency program

A few of our eco-friendly initiatives:

  • Comprehensive recycling program
  • Organic waste composting
  • Rainwater harvesting for landscape use
  • Adherence to the principles of “deconstruction” during work in tenant premises
  • Bicycle parking facilities for tenants
  • Member of the Communauto car sharing program
  • Bicycle lending service through the BIXI Corporate program
  • Free carpooler pairing program
  • Electric vehicle recharging stations in the parking garage
  • DDevelopment of environmental procedures with partners and suppliers to constantly make spaces more sustainable
  • Guide to a Greener Office


at the cutting edge

Place Ville Marie has stayed one step ahead of the market over the years by constantly embracing new technology.

Place Ville Marie has stayed one step ahead of the market over the years by constantly embracing new technology, energy-saving devices and environmental innovations to meet the ever-changing needs of its hundreds of prominent Canadian and international corporate tenants. The complex’s facilities and amenities are maintained in pristine condition, and forward-looking upgrades are made to the technological infrastructure on an ongoing basis to hone its competitive edge.

When a new tenant moves in to the property, or when major renovations are being carried out over an extensive area, Place Ville Marie’s construction team takes advantage of the opportunity to enhance the heating, air-conditioning, elevator, access control and telecommunications systems and create a completely renewed space. Over the past decade, Place Ville Marie has invested over $160 million to keep it at the forefront of the industry.

Place Ville Marie’s construction team takes advantage of the opportunity to enhance the heating, air-conditioning, elevator, access control and telecommunications systems and create a completely renewed space.

A unique place
in our country’s history

This building not only enriches Montreal, but also beautifies it with a boldly designed work of art that lives up to the city’s spirit.
— Jean Lesage Quebec Premier Jean Lesage, speaking at Place Ville Marie’s inauguration
on September 13, 1962

The largest business complex in the world at the time of its construction, Place Ville Marie has played a major role in shaping the bold, modern Montreal skyline we know today. Place Ville Marie catapulted the city into the international spotlight, giving rise to the migration of the financial district from Old Montreal to McGill College Avenue, which the cross-shaped tower still dominates.

Place Ville Marie has been an iconic landmark for over half a century – a powerful symbol of Montreal’s rich architectural heritage. Bearing the city’s original name, Place Ville Marie was built above a railway trench, approximately 15 metres wide, which had long been a stain on the downtown landscape. The complex was designed by U.S. architect Henry N. Cobb, working under the direction of I.M. Pei of the renowned New York-based architectural firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, whose other notable achievements include the famous glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Cobb found an innovative solution to the problem of trains running underground by creating a complex of glass and steel above, with a design that has stood the test of time. Perhaps his boldest stroke was to build an underground shopping concourse, which subsequently gave birth to the most extensive underground pedestrian shopping network in the world, as well as a large outdoor esplanade to accommodate public events.

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