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Expect the Unexpected Every Day

As one of Montreal's most prominent urban gathering hubs, Place Ville Marie is at the heart of an ambitious transformation.

A business campus where culture, cuisine and lifestyle come together – PVM is the heartbeat of Montreal. Where visionaries and creators meet, in the heart of the city. Where the leaders of tomorrow make it their home, shaping the future.

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We are more than a tower. We are a campus – and, we welcome you.


A Shopping Destination Like No Other

Discover a retail offering that puts lifestyle and experience above all else. Galerie PVM is where dining experiences, services and boutiques come together.

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A Unique Culinary Experience

PVM offers a breadth of cuisines and dining experiences. Allow us to surprise you with unexpected culinary concepts that mirror the liveness of the streets of Montreal. Whether dining under the Esplanade PVM’s breathtaking glass pavilion or at the top of PVM, we offer a treat for the eyes and your taste buds.  

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A Business Campus at the Core of Montreal’s Urban Fabric

PVM offers its community more than its vibrant office spaces, a network of possibilities for positive collisions. Campus PVM is a springboard for creativity – a hub where ideas converge and multiply to take us to new heights. It is home to a myriad of diverse companies coming together to benefit from the boundless energy of the city.  

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