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Esplanade PVM

Esplanade PVM is where Montreal’s heart beats. An outdoor space that integrates into Montreal’s urban fabric, Esplanade PVM, as an outstretched terrace, can be enjoyed day or night. Its upcoming programming will promote wellness, culture and community.


Chance Encounters Under the Open Sky


The Esplanade PVM’s glass pavilion is a living space where the underground city’s energy meets the bustle of Montreal streets. With its programming, the esplanade sets the stage to promote well-being and countless, spontaneous encounters by organizing initiatives that encourage people to exchange, recharge and experience.  

“Our primary goal is for this civic space to be a catalyst for downtown social activity. Given the importance of this iconic space, we sought additional exposure to urban activity, making it more accessible and usable. Our major architectural interventions are in line with this desire for great openness.”

Jean Pelland

Architect and Senior Partner, Sid Lee Architecture 


The Ring


The imposing structure beautifies the face of Montreal while giving new vibrancy, vitality and appeal to the heart of the city.

This major addition visually links the Esplanade PVM to the rest of the city while restoring its original event-related and cultural role and making it a preferred gathering place in the city centre.

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“As a bold and lasting gesture for downtown Montreal, The Ring is part of the iconic axis of McGill College Avenue, where Place Ville Marie, McGill University, the former Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal Park line up, revealing more than 200 years of our city’s history.”

Claude Cormier

Landscape architect and founder of Claude Cormier + Associé


Friendly Gathering Spaces


The social islands that will live on Esplanade PVM are designed to provide more than just a place to sit. There are several elements designed to encourage exchanges with others, while allowing you to stay connected to the world. They include: 

  • landscaping 
  • ambient music 
  • Wi-Fi network 
  • charging stations for laptops and mobile devices 
  • ambient lighting in the evening 

There is nothing better than fresh air when having a meeting, chatting with friends or just taking a moment to recharge.  

“The Esplanade revitalization has been thoughtfully conceived and brilliantly imagined. This work will greatly enhance Place Ville Marie’s contribution to the civic life of Montreal, fulfilling the promise of our original vision and thereby making me enormously happy.”

Henry Cobb

Head Architect of Place Ville Marie