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Be part of PVM

Where working and living intersect. Campus PVM is a springboard for the coming together and converging of ideas that help us reach new heights. Work environments focused on well-being, exchange and innovation.

Our spaces are designed – in theory and in practice – to provide a wealth of experience and thousands of unexpected positive encounters between business, cultural and commercial communities every day. Work at PVM? Discover news and activities dedicated to occupants of Campus PVM.
Getting to work

A connected community of the metropolis

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At PVM, we make getting to work a breeze.

We ensure our office buildings are seamlessly integrated into the campus, its network and the local urban fabric.

Occupants can choose a healthier, more sustainable way to get to work every day:

By walking – connected to all main arteries of the city and the pedestrian underground, Campus PVM offers unparalleled foot accessibility (Walk Score of 100)

By public transport – directly integrated into the transport network, it gives occupants the choice of taking the metro (3 stations), the bus, and the train (Transit Score of 100)

By bike – the campus offers secure bicycle racks, showers and locker rooms for maximum convenience (Bike Score of 86)


Live Well at Work

At Campus PVM, we welcome today's businesses looking for innovation and a sense of community. Our workplaces are designed to adapt to the lifestyle of the occupants and make their daily lives easier, today and tomorrow.

We facilitate the transition from home to office with our unique services, innovative spaces and rewarding experiences.

Campus PVM is where living well at work begins.



PVM offers an innovative flexible workspace solution to its tenants. Located on the 29th floor of 1 PVM, this space operated by WeWork offers a high-quality, user-friendly experience in a connected, user-centric environment designed to foster collaboration and creativity.

Discover the FLEX
Settling in

Innovative spaces

Today’s employees expect more from their work environment.

Flexibility, well-being and functionality intersect in the offices of Campus PVM.

Flexible spaces
Modular and versatile for all needs.

Healthy spaces
Natural light, wellness services, areas to relax.

Connected spaces
WiredScore certified for a reliable, fast and secure connection.

Cultural spaces
Bringing together art and work.

Community spaces
Common areas and services to exchange, create and collaborate.

Interested in joining Campus PVM ?

At Ivanhoé Cambridge – owner and manager of PVM – we are continuously redefining our office buildings as urban projects to help people live well at work. We are choice partners in helping tenants recruit and retain top-tier talent.


Patrick Vallières
+ 1 514-764-8195

Getting involved

Rewarding experiences

With its cultural programming, Esplanade PVM offers a space that allows for exchanges and open-air meetings. The activities for our occupants are designed to provide an opportunity to interact and create a sense of community.

Campus PVM

Dedicated team on-site

At your service

The Tenant Service Centre acts as a gateway for Ivanhoé Cambridge tenants and occupants. Aiming at improving and standardizing the quality of services for its clients, the centralization of service requests, such as general maintenance, housekeeping, electricity, plumbing, etc., assures our users efficiency and speed. Requests can be made online, by email, by telephone and are processed according to the strict deadlines established by Ivanhoé Cambridge.

24 hours, 7 days a week

Your security is important to us

  • State-of-the-art operations centre
  • 24-hour surveillance team, 7 days a week
  • Computerized card control system allowing limited access to the complex’s buildings outside regular business hours
  • Elevators controlled by access card outside regular business hours
  • Fully automatic sprinkler system
  • Computerized fire detection and evacuation system
  • Permanent presence of a fire prevention technician
  • Personnel trained in first aid and fire prevention
  • Parking escort service
  • More than 260 surveillance cameras connected to a digital recording and viewing system
  • Tenant alarm response service

PVM, more than a tower…