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Place ville Marie

An architectural gem designed by I.M. Pei and Henry N. Cobb, Place Ville Marie stands apart from other downtown buildings by its very shape – the famous cruciform, or cross-shaped, building is the tallest of its kind in Canada and has become an iconic symbol of Montréal’s skyline nestled in the very heart of the city.

Place Ville Marie (PVM for those in the know…) is one of the most prestigious real estate complexes in the city, comprising four office towers, an upscale shopping center that has been fashion reference for more than 50 years now, a vast, 900-space indoor parking garage open 24/7, and an esplanade – the expansive, public outdoor plaza that serves as an enchanting and refreshing oasis in downtown Montréal.

A timelessly elegant indoor shopping center with nearly 70 boutiques, restaurants and service firms, Galerie Place Ville Marie still moves to the rhythm of major trends and welcomes special events throughout the year, including its famous fashion shows and other fashion rendezvous. Its boutiques offer a full range of products and services, from garments to high-end fashion and beauty accessories and provide clients, visitors and tourists with a unique and satisfying shopping experience, enhanced by several enticing restaurants and food service outlets.