The Benefits of Vitamin C (C for Complexion!)

By Ariane Gagnon

As we say goodbye to one season and hello to another, why not take a moment to give your winter-weary skin a well-deserved boost and restore that healthy, youthful-looking glow… with the help of little Vitamin C! Let's explore what vitamin-based skincare can do for you this spring.
Vitamin C acts as a shield against free radicals and environmental stressors like pollution. It brightens your skin tone, improves firmness and smooths fine lines.
Only a third of the Vitamin C you absorb through your digestive system makes its way to your skin. Which is why it is recommended you apply an extra amount straight to the source – even if you already take oral supplements.
Vitamin C deficiency can affect anyone at any age – especially here in sun-deprived Quebec!
Ideally at key times of the year when your skin needs a lift such as:

  • a change of seasons

  • the end of a school term

  • during a high-stress situation at work.

You may want to consider replacing your whole beauty routine with a vitamin-infused regimen. Some cleansing agents contain a vitamin-rich formula. Marcelle's Hydra-C line is an excellent example. Other companies like Rodial make cleansing pads with a high concentration of Vitamin C that you can apply daily to your entire face for gentle exfoliation. Or you can opt for a serum such as Vichy LiftActiv, followed by a day cream and sun protection. And don't forget your eyes: a good contour gel, preferably with a roller ball applicator to activate circulation, is a must! Last but not least, why not pamper yourself with a Vitamin C mask: start by exfoliating your skin and then smooth on a generous layer of Vit C Brightening Mask by Rodial. You'll be looking radiant in no time!