Makeup: Three Fresh Looks for Spring

By Ariane Gagnon

As the days get warmer, we know the desire to change up your look is growing stronger and stronger. And with all the amazing styles out there this season, who can blame you? So here are three easy-to-do, easy-to-wear ways of going from the office to out on the town this spring.
Orange you glad to see me?
Want to punch up your neutral lip colour? Swap out your classic red for a bright orange! Start by tracing the outline of your lips with a matching shade and use the same pencil to fill in the rest of your lips for maximum staying power. Then apply your lipstick, preferably with a brush for maximum precision. No matter whether you prefer a glossy or a matte finish, Smashbox has something that's just right for you in a bold, juicy orange. If you're a little more on the reserved side, you can opt for a coloured lip balm instead. The Clinique line is definitely worth checking out.
Turquoise cat's eye
Tired of the classic black eyeliner? Then why not replace it with a turquoise pencil for instant dramatic flair? You can either stick to the top lid or go all the way to the outside corner of your eye. Either way, the effect will not go unnoticed.
Dark, sculpted eyebrows
This is one place where a little restraint goes a long way. Choose a sculpting pomade for your brows in a slightly darker shade than your natural colour. Then highlight their shape with an angular brush using a series of short strokes. Last but not least, apply a brow gel from the same palette and sweep upward for a sophisticated finish. Now there's a look that's guaranteed to get all the likes!