Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Drawer

By Ariane Gagnon

You would never put food that's past its best-before date in your mouth. So what are you doing putting expired beauty products and cosmetics on your skin? Many of these items can cause an unwanted reaction if they're not replaced in a timely manner. What's the secret to giving your makeup drawer a much-needed boost this spring? Read on for some easy-to-follow tips.
Beauty products:
Some items, like creams with sunblock, actually have an expiry date printed on the packaging. For other products, you may notice a small logo with a number followed by an "m," which stands for the number of months something is good after opening.
Every time you start using a new cosmetic, jot down the date either in a notepad or on the product itself – it's a lot easier to keep track of that way. Then follow these simple guidelines:

  • Mascara and eyeliner: discard after three to four months

  • Liquid or cream foundation and concealers: discard after one to two years

  • Powder-based products: discard after three to four years

  • Lipsticks and glosses: discard after one to four years.

How can you tell if any of these products have "turned"? The first clue is a change in texture, smell or colour. Say your mascara comes out in clumps or has a strong odour, for example. That's right: it's time to toss it out! Otherwise, you may end up with itchy, burning eyes… or worse, a full-blown infection. Ouch!
So get ready, get set and get reorganized for spring!