5 Beauty Tips to Make Your Skin Glow This Winter

By Ariane Gagnon

With the cold weather raging outside and the heating on full blast inside, winter can be positively brutal on your skin. But don't panic! If you want to keep looking radiant in the middle of the snow and ice, here are some "cool" tips and tricks just for you.
Ditch facial cleansers that dry your skin out
Unless you have an oily complexion, replace your foaming wash with a cleansing milk, preferably one that doesn't need to be rinsed off. Not only is this milder on your epidermis, but it's also a fast, easy addition to your daily beauty regimen. Massage it gently into your skin and wipe clean with a cotton pad or a soft facecloth.
Add a moisturizing serum to your routine
Serums tend to be overlooked, but this simple stage can save your skin, quite literally, in only a few minutes. Apply your chosen moisturizing serum after your cleansing routine and before your cream to help maximize the cream's performance and smooth your skin with a hydrating boost.
Pay extra attention to those sensitive spots
Your lips and the skin around your eyes are two places that are prone to dryness if you don't take proper care of them. But a good eye contour cream and a rich lip balm will work wonders in no time flat!
Look for cosmetics with a creamy texture
Makeup can dry out your skin. So when choosing a winter foundation (when your skin is generally lighter in tone anyway), opt for something creamy and steer clear of powder-based products. Same thing goes for cheek colour: for a healthy, sun-kissed complexion, a hint of cream blush on your cheeks goes a long way!
Pamper your skin with a hydrating mask
Make it part of your Sunday routine! Apply a hydrating mask to your freshly (but gently) exfoliated skin for maximum moisture, without that dead layer of skin in the way.
And voilà! Now you're ready to take full advantage of the joys of winter – whether it involves curling up in front of the fire or stretching out your muscles in the great outdoors!