One Piece, Three Looks (for Him): The Velvet Jacket

By Isabelle Conan-Cormier

You can't go wrong with a velvet jacket during the holiday season: it's classy, practical and versatile. And here's how you can wear it three different ways for three different occasions.
Office party
Time to up your fashion game! But stay professional – you don't want to make a bad impression on your colleagues, or worse, your boss. A white shirt with a chevron pattern and black stitching is a great match. As is a skinny bow tie with small dots. Complete your outfit with a pocket scarf in a similar motif, a textured black leather belt and a slim-fit trouser. And the pièce de résistance: a black leather loafer with a silver buckle.
Tristan, XOOS, Jean-Paul Fortin, RW&Co., Tristan, Tristan Tristan, XOOS, Jean-Paul Fortin, RW&Co., Tristan, Tristan
Holiday dinner with friends
If you're heading out for a festive meal, opt for a casual chic appearance that combines comfort and style. A black turtleneck sweater under your velvet jacket is the ultimate in contemporary sophistication. A burgundy or dark blue chino pant will add a touch of colour to this timeless look. For footwear, a black leather sneaker is hard to beat – and your feet will thank you for it!
Tristan, Tristan, ECCO, RW&Co. Tristan, Tristan, ECCO, RW&Co.
Family get-together
You can usually dress down for most family gatherings, so feel free to do the same with your velvet jacket. Wear it with a floral print shirt and a grey jersey cardigan. And, sure, why not a pair of jeans, as long as they're neat and hole-free. Something in an indigo blue (undistressed, if you please) is a smart choice. Finish it off with a comfortable grey boot.
RW&Co., Tristan, XOOS, Clarks, RW&Co. RW&Co., Tristan, XOOS, Clarks, RW&Co.
Cover image: Tom Ford