One Piece, Three Looks: The Floral Print Dress

By Isabelle Conan-Cormier

Fall florals are just the thing to keep your wardrobe blooming as we transition from one season to the next. And that "little floral dress" is the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything choice – from hunkered down at the office to living it up on the town!
Weekday wow
Robe: RW&Co., Lunettes: Tris Coffin, Sac: Ecco, Chaussure: Browns, Boucles d'oreilles: Reitmans Dress: RW&Co., Glasses: Tris Coffin, Bag: Ecco, Heel: Browns, Earrings: Reitmans
So what if there's less and less time separating sunrise and sunset these days? You can compensate by incorporating a splash of colour into your workday fashions. Take your floral dress and add a pink blazer for something pretty yet professional. Lend a little eclectic flair with a stone-grey bag and a dark blue pump. And as your finishing touches, how about a classic silver hoop earring and an up-to-the-minute pair of glasses with round frames?
Cool wear for the cool weather
Botte: Jean-Paul Fortin, Cardigan: Reitmans, Col roulé: Melanie Lyne, Robe: RW&Co. Boots: Jean-Paul Fortin, Cardigan: Reitmans, Pull: Melanie Lyne, Dress: RW&Co.
There's no sense denying it: the temperature is dropping with each passing day. But you can still rock your fall florals well into the season. Why not take a page from the 90s lookbook and slip a slim-fitting turtleneck on underneath? Something in a light grey will bring out the colours in the print. A cardi in a slightly darker shade and a matching suede boot will keep you cozy and chic, as will a pair of fashion tights in grey, navy or nude.
Saturday night live!
Robe: RW&Co., Botte: Jean-Paul Fortin, Bijoux et pochette: Le Château, Cardigan: Dinamyte Dress: RW&Co., Boots: Jean-Paul Fortin, Jewelry and Bag: Le Château, Cardigan: Dynamite
No matter what you're up to this weekend – dinner, drinks or a birthday get-together, your little floral dress is a bewitching bet. Amp it up with a wine-red maxi blazer and a high-heeled velvet boot. Plus a bit of bling, naturally: we're thinking some eye-catching earrings and a bunch of bracelets. Oh, and don't you even think about walking out the door without your beaded burgundy clutch in hand!