How to Look Your Best… Without Makeup!

By Ariane Gagnon

There are many women out there who choose not to wear makeup on a regular basis. Some have allergies or problems with their skin or eye area. Or it may simply be a matter of personal preference. There are also plenty of other reasons to go makeup-free from time to time: a weekend jaunt up to the cottage, a workout or sports competition, or some well-deserved time away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. But sans cosmetics doesn't have to mean sans charisma! There are lots of ways to keep your complexion fresh, glowing and hydrated without resorting to makeup. Read on to find out how.
Clean, moisturized skin is always a winner. To give your complexion an extra boost, opt for an exfoliating toner with glycolic acid and a vitamin-fortified moisturizing cream for an instant smoothing effect.
Oh, and if your skin tends to be on the oily side, you may want to check out sebum oil-blotting sheets to eliminate shine during the day.
If eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, it stands to reason that they deserve a little extra TLC. If you're someone who tends to develop bags or shadows under your eyes, here's a beauty tip worth trying out: Keep cotton balls soaked in cornflower floral water in the refrigerator. When you wake up in the morning, place them on top of your eyelids for a few minutes. The natural toning effect will leave your eyes visibly refreshed and revitalized.
Ideally, spend a little time shaping your brows and brush them regularly to keep them looking well groomed. Curl your lashes to make your eyes pop. And you may also want to apply castor oil to the lash roots with a cotton swab just before bed to help them grow thicker and stronger.
With a wide range of chemical-free tinted and untinted balms on the market, you can give your lips some natural oomph in no time flat. A hint of colour is sometimes all it takes to brighten your entire face. Some balms can even be applied to the cheekbones for added radiance.
And remember: even if you're an ardent makeup fan and use nothing but the best products, you have to let your pores breathe every once in a while. So why not plan a makeup-free day once a week (Sunday, for example). Plus, you can take advantage of the downtime for a spa-worthy mini-facial. Trust us: your skin will thank you!
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