Packing the Perfect Gym Bag to Take You from Your Workout to the Workplace

By Ariane Gagnon

With the active lives we lead nowadays, it can be tough to do everything we have to do (job, social commitments, weekends at the cottage, time at the gym, yoga classes and more) and continue to look fresh and fashionable at every turn. But don't worry: we've got you covered! Here's a list of must-have items for your gym bag that will take some of the guesswork out of the equation.

  1. Makeup-removing towelettes

All-in-one towelettes are a great way to cleanse and revitalize your skin before you hit the gym or head back to the office. There are several models available, but we rather like the micellar water towelettes made by Garnier, which are specially formulated to instantly remove all makeup – even the water-resistant kind – without drying out your skin. (Pharmaprix)

  1. Deodorant

You might want other people to see you've been working out… but you certainly don't want them to smell it! All the more reason to pack a go-to deodorant in your bag – preferably one free of aluminum. Tom's wild lavender deodorant stick, which uses odour-fighting hops to offer natural, long-lasting protection, gets a big thumbs up from us! (Pharmaprix)

  1. City sunscreen

You should reapply sun block every time you work up a sweat. A light "city protection" formula that doubles as a foundation is an excellent choice. And Clarins Multi-Protection Sunscreen does just the trick! (Pharmaprix & Murale)

  1. Cheek and lip colour

Nothing beats a two-in-one product for fast, fabulous results. Lip2Cheek from RMS Beauty is made with organic ingredients that combine hydration and protection with abundant mineral colour for a striking, natural-looking finish on both lips and cheeks. (Murale)
5. BB Cream
Maybelline's BB cream was one of the first products of its kind to hit the Western market and became an instant classic! It smooths, moisturizes, evens skin tone and delivers a natural glow.
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Cover photo: Geneviève Giguère Photographer