Station Place Ville Marie_2023

Station Place Ville Marie is back on Esplanade PVM

Esplanade PVM

We are proud to welcome Station Place Ville Marie on Esplanade PVM, an outdoor workspace that is part of the Îlot 84 network, powered by Aire Commune. The summer station has been redesigned to allow users to work while enjoying the scenery of downtown Montreal.

April 3rd at 9:00am
Esplanade PVM
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Station Place Ville Marie features two heated and insulated meeting rooms to provide an outdoor work experience, even in cooler weather.

Accessible free of charge, the sleekly designed workpaces can accommodate up to eight people and provide everything you need to hold your meetings including  Wi-Fi, electricity and a video conferencing system.

Why work outdoors?

Whether practiced in a natural or urban environment, the benefits of working outdoors, a practice also known as "greendesking," are numerous: stress reduction, stimulation of creativity, and renewal of mental energy are just a few examples of the proven virtues of working outdoors.

About Aire Commune

Aire commune brings together a community of curious, spontaneous people with a desire to connect with other sharp minds, creating spaces, events and content to bring the city's bustling 9 to 5 to 5 to 7 experience to life.

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