A Summer of Shades

By Isabelle Conan-Cormier

With the warmer weather fast approaching, it's time to whip out those signature sunglasses! After all, nothing says youthful and up-to-the-minute like a chic pair of shades. The experts at Tris Coffin, right here at Galerie Place Ville Marie, can help you sort through the latest fashions and features to find something that's perfect for you.
Clear 'n' classy
You'll see a lot of transparent, crystal and rose tones in eyewear this summer, with both regular and tinted lenses. Crystal frames are particularly flattering when it comes to softening your facial features.
Round or cat eye
If you're bold by nature, round glasses are very much in vogue this season. Try something with a dark rim, a mirror lens or a groovy 70s vibe. The shape is ideal for both men and women with an oval or square face.
Cat-eye frames, on the other hand, are particularly popular with women these days. They exude femininity, elegance and timeless charm. Opt for a pink-tinted lens to make a decidedly contemporary statement.
Coloured lenses
Why not give your summer specs a little extra sizzle with a coloured, mirror or graduated-tint lens? Heat up your seasonal look with a bit of ocular oomph!
Dior-Vitre teintee
Glasses available at Tris Coffin